AF Live has worked with Tokyo World since its inception and has seen the event grow from a small-scale party into a 15,000 capacity event.

We provide full technical production management. This means we make sure all stages are kitted out with everything they need: sound, staging, lighting, lasers, video mapping, mixing consoles, engineers, technicians and back line.

We also provide noise management, ensuring the event goes off without a hitch and the crowd enjoy maximum levels throughout, while minimising the impact on surrounding residential areas.

In 2015 the event featured three of our creative stage sets, including our VOLKANO (Afterworld) stage, which provided a mind-boggling, immersive centrepiece.

“AF LIVE take care of all our technical production and have added their creative expertise, installing the Afterworld, Blast and Tokyo Hi-Fi stages, which we’re really proud of.

We’re very excited about the future of our festival. It’s going from strength to strength and Paul from AF LIVE has been a massive part of this.”

Director - Tokyo World

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