Technical Production Management

Drawing on our extensive network of industry contacts, AF Live provides full technical production management for music festivals and concerts. This typically involves a bespoke mixture of sound, staging, and lighting installations, video, and special effects, backline, management of artist tech riders, sound engineers and noise management. We supply experienced crews to install equipment and manage its efficient removal after the event.

Whether you want us to manage the technical requirements of a stadium-sized event or festival, you can trust us to make it happen smoothly.

Noise Management and Acoustic Solutions

AF Live can advise on and manage the complex world of legal noise restrictions for any event with amplified sound. We have over 15 years expertise working with local authorities, environmental health and other regulatory bodies. We can help to plan and run your event while adhering to legal restrictions. With our hands on experience of working with sound systems, our approach is always focussed on the success of the event: finding and implementing practical solutions to  make the most of the system whilst adhering to noise restrictions. If you are looking for a noise management assessment, we will prepare your report, liaise with your local council and carry out the necessary propagation tests on site. We will design your system to ensure you achieve the very best levels for your venue.

Crew Services

AF Live specialise in sound engineers and site crew. Our team is made up of individuals who have a wealth of skill sets and event experience. We can provide reliable and efficient Production Crew for any type of event.

Production Managers, Stage Managers, Stage Crew, Sound Engineers, Lighting Engineers, Av Technicians, HGV Drivers,  Plant Operators, , qualified Riggers and General Site Crew.


Who we’ve worked with

Boomtown Fair

Since the birth of Boomtown Fair in a gloriously sunny forest clearing back in 2009 AF Live has been at the heart of the event, providing full technical production management to the festival as it’s grown to encompass over 100 stages. We provide full sound and lighting for twelve main stages including festival favourite, The Lion’s Den & the spectacular Bang-Hai Palace, brand new for 2015 & beyond!

We manage the technical requirements and the back line for each stage, providing a fleet of skilled engineers and technicians on the ground. Working closely with local council and environmental health we ensure noise levels are as good as possible throughout the event for maximum crowd satisfaction.

Tokyo World

AF Live has worked with Tokyo World since its inception and has seen the event grow from a small-scale party into a 15,000 capacity event. We provide full technical production management. This means we make sure all stages are kitted out with everything they need: sound, staging, lighting, lasers, video mapping, mixing consoles, engineers, technicians and back line.

We also provide noise management, ensuring the event goes off without a hitch and the crowd enjoy maximum levels throughout, while minimising the impact on surrounding residential areas. In 2015 the event featured three of our creative stage sets, including our VOLKANO (Afterworld) stage, which provided a mind-boggling, immersive centrepiece.

VOLKANO is available for hire worldwide; please contact us for more info.

Arcadia Spectacular

Arcadia Spectacular has a formidable reputation for the quality of its shows, winning the Total Production International award for best live event production in 2013 and 2014. AF Live provides all sound for the Arcadia Spectacular show & due to the placement of the sound being in the round (the audience is all around the action) we integrate cutting-edge sound production software to map the sound effectively.

For Arcadia’s ground-breaking 2015 show in the centre of Bristol, AF Live also managed the sensitive issue of noise pollution, liaising with Bristol City Council representatives. The event was a resounding success with obvious crowd satisfaction and virtually no public complaints.


Our partner AF Live provides vital technical production services to Boomtown, overseeing all stages and venues. In addition to supplying some of our best sound systems including Bang Hai Palace and Lion's Den, they ensure every venue has the technical equipment it needs and supply many of our sound engineers and technicians. They also play a key role in making sure the sound levels at Boomtown are the best they can be, something we are very proud of.
Chris Rudz - Director - Boomtown
AF LIVE take care of all our technical production and have added their creative expertise, installing the Afterworld, Blast and Tokyo Hi-Fi stages, which we’re really proud of. The Afterworld stage was immense at Tokyo World 2015, the crowd went absolutely crazy when it exploded! “ We’re very excited about the future of our festival. It’s going from strength to strength and Paul from AF LIVE has been a massive part of this.
Jess Gould - Production Manager - Tokyo World
We’re always striving to give our audiences an experience they’ve never had before. Part of what makes the Arcadia Spectacular show different is its 360-degree sound field, which means clear, loud sound for everyone. AF LIVE helped us realise this design from the beginning and we continue to work closely with them at all our UK shows.
Ceri Wade - Production Manager - Arcadia Spectacular

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