Springing into action, New Skills… here we go!

The spring season and this week in particular has been all about training for the AF Live team. Paul and Nicki headed North to Bolton, to the UK rigging facility to undertake a 3 day rigging course designed for the entertainment industry.

Greg, Rory and Russell travelled to London to spend 2 days with Martin Audio learning about the MLA systems. Whilst it was difficult to get a word in amongst the energetic discussions about the pros and cons of many different systems, its fair to say their thoughts echo these shared on the Martin website…

Martin Audio’s revolutionary award-winning Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array [MLA] technology is reinventing the way loudspeaker arrays are configured and controlled. With it has come an unsurpassed control of sound with pristine fidelity and huge output capability — bringing the FOH engineer and the audience together in a more powerful, involving experience

Both teams returned full of praise for the course providers (Martin Audio, UK Rigging) and eager to put their new skills into practice.

AF Live in recent years has been synonymous with L’Acoustics and so the MLA day was a welcome opportunity for our engineers to explore the benefits of another system. We have a number of gigs this year which take place in sensitive areas and whilst we have always managed to meet these challenges, we are keen to explore other solutions and its good to add another string to our ever-growing bow!

Entertainment rigging is a potentially hazardous activity’

I am pleased to say the dynamic duo returned unscathed and nerves intact, with their competence certificates in hand. With many years event experience between them, it was a great opportunity for Paul and Nicki to refresh their knowledge of the legislation that governs rigging on festival sites, to improve their physical skills and review the principles of lifting on the 3 day course. From walking beams at height whilst rigging motors, to tying a bowline, I am sure you will see them in action in a field very soon.

Finally, the whole team came together to test out the MLA system with Doug Hunt today and with a great turn out it’s fair to say we are prepped, ready and eager for the summer.