5 Reasons To Hire A Sound System For Your Corporate Event

You’ve been tasked with planning a corporate event, but all you have to work with is an old, well-used microphone from way back when, the projector screen is cracked, and the company three floors down still has hold of the communal loudspeakers.

To create the ideal atmosphere for your attendees and ensure your presenters are heard, you’ll need a seamless system that guarantees quality. Here are 5 reasons why hiring a complete professional sound system for your corporate event is worth the budget!

1. Guaranteed sound quality

Achieving that crystal-clear audio relies on the sound equipment you use. A professional sound system can make all the difference in creating an engaging atmosphere and help leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

Unlike a music event, corporate events require more of a varied range of equipment to cover speakers, music, and AV (audio-visual) elements for engaging presentations. According to the IBTM, recent studies show that the “use of AV in classrooms is highly effective as it stimulates the class better, resulting in improved grades for students. The same is true for all types of events that require audience connection and participation.”

Using a professional sound company like AF Live will mean hiring equipment that is designed specifically for your venue, taking advantage of the acoustics to ensure music and speech is balanced and enjoyable for everyone across the space.

2. Industry-leading technology

Whether it’s a DJ set, formal speech, or Spotify playlist created by the whole office, you want the sound crisp, clear, and clean. It’s also important to think about the volume and what part you want the sound to play. Are you looking for a mix of speech and occasional quiet background music? Or, maybe the aim is to get your employees to let their hair down and dance all night long at the annual office party. 

Whatever the end goal, it’s important to use the latest industry-leading equipment, including L-Acoustics, Funktion One and DiGiCo, to avoid diminishing the sound quality and enhance the overall audio experience. A professional sound company will stock only the best brands so you can rest assured that you’ll get top-notch sound.

3. No last-minute equipment failure

A DIY approach could mean ending up with nonfunctioning equipment, leaving you racing to find pricey last-minute replacements with unneeded stress and lost time.

Choosing a professional sound company means you won’t be hiring broken equipment. Each part of the sound system will have been tested and flight-cased before leaving the warehouse.

4. Crew experience & expertise 

Your audience is most likely to notice poor sound before they notice other production or event deficiencies. That’s why it’s so important to have experienced Sound Engineers install all the technical audio equipment. 

Sound Engineers are responsible for setting up the sound system, operating mixing desks, coordinating details with presenters, monitoring the level of the PA’s output, and being present to troubleshoot any issues. Even if it’s just a simple two-speaker sound system with one microphone for a speech, a skilled engineer will be able to tune the speakers to the room and equalize the sound of the presenter’s voice, as well as blend in transitional music.

The AF Live Sound Engineers are fully trained to handle the operation of all technical equipment, including microphones, mixers, staging, and speakers. From an audience of 10 to 10,000, our clients receive the same time, care, and attention the occasion deserves. We’ll guide you through the whole planning and delivery process of your event, concentrating on a quality sound system and seamless production.

5. Bespoke options at affordable prices

Hiring a professional sound system doesn’t have to mean huge budget allocation… From the full suite of event services for a four-day conference to karaoke kit hire for an office party, we offer a range of cost-effective packages. And if your event doesn’t quite fit into a box, we’ll create a bespoke system tailored to you. Covering conferences, office parties, and launch events, with expert equipment including radio mics, monitor speakers, video screens, lights, and staging, all installed by our expert crew. 

AF Live supplies sound equipment to conference centres, product launch events, and meeting rooms to support local, national and international businesses. With over 25 years of experience, we’re proud to design audio solutions to deliver unrivaled sound clarity in acoustically challenging environments. 

We stock a full range of L-Acoustics and Funktion One sound systems with an extensive range of associated ancillary products for live performances, DJ packages and lighting systems. If you’re unsure of the equipment you need, our experienced team of sound consultants is on hand to help!

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