Each year in August, an estate near Winchester is transformed into one of the planet’s most forward thinking music events catering for 50,000 revellers.

Since the birth of Boomtown Fair in a gloriously sunny forest clearing back in 2009 AF Live has been at the heart of the event, providing full technical production management to the festival as it's grown to encompass over 100 stages.

We provide full sound and lighting for twelve main stages including festival favourite, The Lion's Den & the spectacular Bang-Hai Palace, brand new for 2015 & beyond!

We manage the technical requirements and the back line for each stage, providing a fleet of skilled engineers and technicians on the ground. Working closely with local council and environmental health we ensure noise levels are as good as possible throughout the event for maximum crowd satisfaction.

The 2015 Boomtown Fair has been lauded in the press as one of the best music festivals in the world.

“Our partner AF Live provides vital technical production services to Boomtown, overseeing all stages and venues.

In addition to supplying some of our best sound systems including Bang Hai Palace and Lion's Den, they ensure every venue has the technical equipment it needs and supply many of our sound engineers and technicians.

They also play a key role in making sure the sound levels at Boomtown are the best they can be, something we are very proud of.”

Chris Rutherford - Director - Boomtown Fair

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