Providing Audio Excellence at the Misfits X Boxing Series

In October, the pulsating energy of a sold-out crowd filled the Manchester AO Arena, as fans eagerly gathered to witness the Misfits X Boxing Series. Featuring headline-grabbing fights between KSI and Tommy Fury, as well as Dillan Danis vs Logan Paul, this event was nothing short of electrifying.

Working with our production partners, Video Illusions Ltd, we had the opportunity to supply the full AV package for not just the main event, but also for the preceding press conference and weigh-ins. This project allowed us to showcase our expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional audio-visual experiences.

The Power of Precision: L-Acoustics K2 System

Our choice of gear was instrumental in ensuring the success of the event. We opted for the renowned L-Acoustics K2 system, complemented by Kara/sb18 hangs-on delays. This powerful combination ensured that every punch, every cheer, and every moment of anticipation was captured and conveyed with unparalleled clarity and impact.

The K2 system, known for its exceptional precision and versatility, was the perfect fit for the dynamic and intense atmosphere. Its ability to deliver smooth, consistent sound across the entire venue ensured that every seat was the best seat in the house, immersing fans in the heart-pounding action.

A Collaborative Triumph

This event was a testament to the power of collaboration and the incredible results that can be achieved when industry leaders come together. A special shout-out goes to Nick from Video Illusions, whose support and partnership played a crucial role in making this event a resounding success. Combined with our passion for audio excellence, we created a formidable team that was able to overcome challenges and deliver a sonic experience worthy of the Misfits X Boxing Series.

Here’s to more sonic spectacles in the boxing industry, more collaborative triumphs, and more moments that remind us of the power of sound in bringing events to life. Stay tuned for what’s next! Manchester AO Arena, until we meet again…