A capable sound system is vital for a music venue. It creates the right atmosphere and helps gives your customers an experience they’ll want to repeat time and time again.

After over 20 years of advising and servicing sound systems in music venues across the UK, we know what works. Whether it’s analog or digital mixers, passive speakers and subs or active designs, we use the latest sound technology to design and install an audio-visual system that performs. Our installations are easy to control and include discrete speaker placement, ensuring the sound system blends into its surroundings.

When desiging a sound soltuion for a music venue, we look at functionality and practicality. Who is going to be operating it? Is it continuous daily use or only for special events? The AF Live team will visit your venue and work to your budget with your performance desire in mind. We’ll advise on the correct setup and type of equipment required and then provide a competitive quotation for the installation.

Who we’ve worked with

Lakota + Lakota Gardens Bristol

Our long-standing relationship with Lakota has meant that our sound and lighting systems have been a permanent installation for over 15 years. We have installed sound systems in all areas which we update and maintain to to ensure customers continue to experience the legendary sound that the club is famous for.

What our clients say

Photo of a DJ in front of a crowd
The Lakota Team
"AF Live has been our 'go to' partner for audio-visual support at Lakota for over 15 years. They are a strategic partner who has never let us down in all the time we have been working with them."

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